The Skateboarding Journey of Mike Vallely

He is an actor, a hockey player, a wrestler, and a true blue skateboarder. Mike Vallely lives a very active lifestyle, which makes it easy to wonder how he manages to succeed in everything that he does.

Despite having several feathers in his cap, skateboarding is Mike Vallely’s priority. He started at the age of 14 and, in less than a year, he achieved professional status.

The Skateboarding Life of Mike Vallely

Mike has been a rider for several skateboarding companies. He has been part of Powell-Peralta, World Industries, New Deal Skateboard, and Black Label Skateboards. Mike also founded TV Skateboards and By The Sword. Mike enjoyed a lengthy relationship with Elements as he was a rider for the company from 2003 to 2010.

After being a professional skateboarder for almost three decades, Mike Vallely has cut ties with all his sponsors. However, he is still a 100% skateboard rat and he has setup his own board brand called Street Plant

Mike built Street Plant to mimic his family life. When his skateboarding career became extremely volatile, his daughter advised him to do things on his own and avoid people who are dragging him down. Mike said he taught his children torespect and belief in yourself,” which is why he wanted to do the same for his company.

Mike Vallely’s career as a skateboarder may be plagued with intrigues and fallouts, but Mike remains a fan favorite. He feels as though he receives this amount of support because his fans can relate to his skateboarding style. Mike believes that skateboarding should not only be treated as a sport but as a way to have fun and get creative.