ILTS is always looking for ways to get great skate products in the hands of our followers. Aware Board Company definatly fits the mold.

With great decks starting at $40 we believe you will not be dissapointed.

I know I wasn’t!

Here’s what you get when you become Aware!

  • 7 ply deck with 5 layers Canadian Maple and 2 layers bamboo for the strongest deck on the market
  • The two plys of bamboo are the top and third layer. Designed for longer lasting decks with more pop.
  • A perfect medium concave that feels like you and the board are one.
  • A clear varnish finish brings out the natural grain of the maple on the bottom and the bamboo on top.
  • AWARE logo on the bottom and Aware laser graphic on top. A truly unique design!

This is not a cheap knock off blank deck, although the affordability might fool you.

Aware decks are custom made for us and are as good if not better than any pop deck on the market.

Click on a deck and head straight to the store!

An Aware board with rider at top of a pool ready to drop in.
A quick dip in the Kidney bowl at Linda Vista skate park. The Aware deck probably out performed me!