Chad Muska: His Skateboarding Journey

Fashion and skateboarding don’t exactly go together, but Chad Muska has proven it is possible to be fashionable on the skateboarding ramp.  

Chad is currently inactive as a skateboarder because of a slipped disk in his lower back that will require surgery. However, Chad is extremely determined to get back on track because he loves skateboarding

Chad Muska: Skateboarding Heydays

The start of Chad’s career wasn’t as smooth. He was homeless and surfing from couch to couch, when he joined his first skateboarding company, Maple. After leaving Maple, Chad joined Toy Machine briefly, but left company after an undisclosed disagreement with founders Ed Templeton and Jamie Thomas.

After the issue with Toy Machine, Chad went on to join Shorty’s. This proved to be a fruitful relationship because he was sponsored by the company for almost a decade. During this time, he appeared in Shorty’s Fulfill the Dream, which sealed his status as a skateboarding superstar.

In the skateboarding world, Chad’s influence can be greatly felt through his follower’s fashion. In the 90’s, his fans would show up on the ramp in cargo shorts and a beanie. Nowadays, most of his fans sport the Supra Skytop and a pair of sunglasses.

Due to his influence as a skateboarder, Chad has been listed as the 12th Most Influential Skater of All Time according to Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. Apart from being a skateboarder, he is also a businessman and music producer. He owns Ghetto Child and Factory143. In addition to this, Chad also produces music using the alias “Muskabeatz.”

Chad Muska’s current sponsors are Ghetto Child Wheels, Element Skateboards, Brooklyn Projects and Supra Footwear. He is also a playable character in most of Tony Hawk’s skateboarding video game series.