Lizard King: The Resident Bad Boy of Skateboarding

The Lizard King is anything but ordinary. In fact, Lizard King’s real name isn’t Lizard (whose parents name their kid Lizard?)  His real name is Mike Plumb.

Mike is the resident bad boy of the skateboarding community. He is the kind of guy your parents warn you about. However, despite the presence of drugs and alcohol in his system through most of his career, The Lizard King is fearless when it comes to his skateboarding tricks.  

There are other skateboarders that have taken the long road to being sober, but Lizard King was not one of them. That is until this year when the party life was traded in for the family life. He has been sober for the past year and is finding more joy than ever raising his young daughter. Whether he’s the life of the party or living the family life he is always highly respected in the Skater Life.

Lizard King: Anything but Ordinary

Mike Plumb began skateboarding by emulating his two older brothers. He eventually moved from Salt Lake to California to pursue a career in professional skateboarding. During this time, if you wanted to make it big as a skateboarder, you moved to California. He ended up surfing couches before Deathwish took a chance on this young skateboarder. His fearless nature was already evident having decided to make the move despite the uncertainty of his future.

Lizard’s motto became “if you go all out, you’ll have fun.”  He was truly the type to go all out, especially when it comes to partying and skateboarding. In fact, despite being wasted and high on ecstasy, he was still able to jump through a 25 foot gap in the backyard vert ramp of Bob Burnquist. It was no easy feat, however.  He ended up vomiting as he was doing the trick. After finishing the trick successfully, he chugged more liquor. All hail The Lizard King.

The Lizard King needed to slow down on skateboarding after becoming plagued with injuries. He tried to sober up in 2013, but the road to sobriety is not easy. Despite his struggle with alcoholism and drugs, The Lizard King is still considered one of the best skateboarders out there.

As proof of that, The Lizard King remains a prized rider for Deathwish. He is also sponsored by Independent Trucks, Supra Footwear, Stance Socks, Shake Junt, and Spitfire Wheels.