Deathwish Skateboards

Name: Deathwish Skateboards

Date founded: 2008

Owners: Baker Boys Distribution

Address: Hollywood, CA


Social media: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Team members: Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Brian “Slash” Hansen, Jon Dickson, Mike “Lizard King” Plumb, Neen Williams, Taylor Kirby, Jake Hayes, Jamie Foy and Erick Valdez.

Former Team members: Antwuan Dixon, Ramiro “Furby” Salcedo, Luis “Moose” de los Reyes and Pat Rumney

Videos: Baker Skateboards– Baker Has a Deathwish (2008), Baker Skateboards– Baker Has a Deathwish Tour Video (2009),

Stokeable Achievements:

  • Deathwish Skateboards was created to be a sister brand of Baker Skateboards. The idea was to start the brand with new distribution and then bring Baker over once its contact with Blitz had expired.
  • In June 2014 Deathwish released a tribute deck for former team member, Antwuan Dixon. Proceeds from the deck went to help Dixon rebuild his life after a stint in prison. Each deck came with a letter explaining his situation and what he has meant to Deathwish Skateboards. Envelopes with Dixon’s prison address were also included in hopes that fans would reach out to the troubled skater.
  • The Deathwish name and logo is from the Charles Bronson movies that began in the 1970s.
  • Deathwish Skateboards was chosen to participate in the second season of King of the Road. King of the Road is a contest in which pre-invited teams are given a series of challenges that they must complete over a two-week period. The teams are awarded points for each challenge. At the end of the season, the scores are tallied and a winner is announced. The team came in third place. Jon Dickson did win the “Midnight Cowboy– Best Trick in a Public Restroom” award with a frontside noseslide line. Jamie Foy won “The Stranger– Best Trick Using the Mannequin Hand” Kinker  Grind Grab in Albuquerque. Jamie also earned himself a permanent spot as a Pro on the Deathwish Skateboard family in the season finally!