Creature Skateboards

Name: Creature Skateboards

Date founded: 1994

Owners: NHS Inc.

Address: 104 Bronson St., #9, Santa Cruz, CA 95062


Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

Team members: Al Partanen, Chris Russell, Cory Juneau, Darren Navarrette, David Gravette, Jimmy Wilkins, John Gardner, Josh Rodriguez, Kevin Baekkel, Milton Martinez, Peter Raffin, Ryan Reyes, Sam Hitz, Scizzors, Steven “Lefty” Breeding Jr., Stu Graham, Taylor Bingaman, Truman Hooker and Willis Kimbel

Early riders: Jason Adams, Barker Barrett, Ronnie Marshall and Eddie “Crazy Eddie” Nemeth

Notable Videos: Heshers on the Run (1996), Fiends (1997), Born Dead (2006), Black Metal (2007), Hesh Law (2009)

Stokeable Achievements:

  • Creature Skateboards was one of the first skateboard companies to use horror-style graphics. This was revolutionary for the times (late 90s).
  • Creature was started at a time when skateboarding was in a down turn. Russ Pope started the brand within NHS but kept it separate from the rest of NHS. The idea was to offer something fresh and new without working from a set image. Creature achieved that with its groundbreaking graphics and new avenues of distribution.
  • Creature was shutdown in the late 90s and then revived in the mid-2002. Darren Navarrette and Lee Charron split the duties of running the team and charting the creative direction of the company.
  • Creature Skateboards won 2nd place in the 2017 season of King of the Road. Chris Russell won the Lee Ralph’s Revenge– Best Barefoot Trick. He pulled off a Miller Flip. He was rewarded with a full team sponsorship during the season for his great skating! David Gravette won the Shawty Wanna Yolo– Best Trick Over a Twerker. He pulled a Gap to Crooks Over the Channel. King of the Road is a contest in which pre-invited teams are given a series of challenges that they must complete over a two-week period. The teams are awarded points for each challenge. At the end of the season, the scores are tallied and a winner is announced.