Skateboard Video Vault: Rock to Fakie

The Rock to Fakie

In this video, Aaron Kyro from Braille Skareboarding takes the crew to Woodward West for a tutorial on the Rock to Fakie. The main purpose is to teach skaters the easiest way to learn this trick so that they can go out and learn it right away. They are one of the most basic fundamental transition tricks that skaters learn in the beginning of their skateboarding.  It is considered an easy trick by many.  However, it is definitely tricky to overcome the fear of falling backwards, which can happen quite easily when first learning.  Before learning this trick you have to be comfortable riding ramps back-and-forth and you should be able to drop in comfortably.  Aaron shares his tips and things to watch out for when learning this trick. Don’t miss this awesome trick tutorial!

Rock to Fakie