Braille Skateboarding

Braille Skateboarding was founded by Aaron Kyro in 2007. The purpose of the company is to teach people how to skateboard and help grow the sport across the globe. Kyro is quick to admit that he is not the world’s best skateboarder. However, he is good enough to teach others how to skateboard and help the masses enjoy this rewarding sport.

Why the Company is Called Braille Skateboarding

Kyro states that his company’s namesake stems from the commonly uttered skateboarding phrase, “I’m feeling it!” Skaters often say this when they are having fun on their skateboards. Kyro thought the Braille name was a catchy play on words as skateboarding is most fun when skaters are “feeling it”, similar to how the blind feel braille for communication.

The Mantra of Braille Skateboarding

Braille Skateboarding is all about helping new skateboarders learn and enjoy the sport. Kryo’s team is squarely focused on making skateboarding as fun and exciting as possible. The Braille staff keys in on helping skating newbies learn skateboard tricks and techniques that heighten their skill level and make the sport that much more enjoyable.

Braille Skateboarding’s secondary aim is to push the sport of skateboarding to new heights. Though skateboarding is quite popular on the west coast on the United States and some major cities along the east coast, it has not yet reached a mainstream tipping point. Braille Skateboarding aims to change that. The Braille team wants to get people involved, especially kids and teens who are looking for new hobbies.

What Braille Skateboarding has to Offer

Take a look at the Braille Skateboarding website and you will find it is loaded with all sorts of goodies for skateboards, skateboard wheels, skateboard decks and beyond. The website has a shop with shirts, hats, stickers, tools for Braille skateboards and plenty of other helpful/stylish items.

The Braille team generates a steady stream of informative skateboarding videos that teach beginning and intermediate level skateboarders the nuances of skateboard tricks, riding techniques and other subtleties of the sport. Braille’s most comprehensive video, Skateboarding Made Simple, is available on platforms from the company’s website to Google Play and iBooks. This informative video, along with the others produced by Braille, serve as the company’s foundation.

Kyro started Braille as a means of helping skaters deliver instructional videos in a low-cost manner that does not involve expensive ground mail distribution and DVD reproductions. Braille commonly features the skateboard tricks and tips videos of amateur and professional skaters in a mission to improve the skating prowess of skateboarders across the world.