Braille Skateboarding Teaches the Sport and How to Market Videos

Aaron Kyro started Braille Skateboarding as one of the first companies to help skateboard video makers distribute their products as digital downloads for iPod and computers.

He is a pioneering leader in digital video distribution, which eliminated skateboarding video makers’ expense paying for costly DVD reproduction and ground mail distribution. Downloading also solved problems video makers faced in marketing and selling their products through local shops and on the Internet.

Next Kyro launched Academy of Skateboarding offering online video lessons teaching children how to skateboard, and he later merged the site into Braille. The site now features skateboarding instruction lessons as well as videos including teaching skateboard video makers how to market and sell their work. Kyro followed up by starting a YouTube channel that has added more than 2.5 million subscribers totaling more than 40 million monthly views.

Today Braille promotes skateboarding across the globe by supporting amateur and beginner skaters in their efforts to win recognition for their work.

Free Tutorials Are a Braille Skateboarding Feature

Braille Skateboarding offers free tutorials and a full skateboarding lesson plan, “Skateboarding Made Simple”, to teach everyone the sport.

The company’s “Learn to Skateboard” page offers Braille tutorials on basic skateboarding tricks for free. The first free tutorial is designed to get newcomers started with skateboarding. It tells beginners tips from deciding which foot to place in front to finding basic balance and negotiating beginning turns. Included in the free tutorial is the first basic skateboarding trick. This is an essential intro for anyone just beginning to learn about skateboard decks and skateboard wheels.

The “Skateboarding Made Simple” lesson plan teaches how to progress from basic riding to performing the ollie and on to more difficult skateboarding tricks. Volume 1 of the “Skateboarding Made Simple” plan is available for instant download for $6.99 on the Braille site, and all six volumes can be downloaded for $34.99. Braille also sells a Skateboarding Basics DVD for $14.99.

The owner is a longtime skateboarder who has been practicing the sport and making videos for the past 20 years. Kyro started Braille Skateboarding in 2007.