Skateboard Video Vault: Sweeper

In this Video Vault, we are back with a Ride Channel “How-to-Skateboarding” featuring Ben Raybourn.  Today, Ben is bringing back the old school maneuvers and teaching us the Sweeper.   Legendary skater, Duane Peters, invented the Sweeper in the late 1970’s.  The late 1970’s to early 1980’s was known as the “golden era” because pool skating was at an all time high and many classic tricks were invented during that time.  The Sweeper, “gets its name from the motion of grabbing the nose of the board and sweeping it along the deck, clearing out anyone standing near the coping.  Duane first did the trick around 1978 in an empty pool.”  So basically to do a sweeper you go up frontside, plant your back foot on the coping, and use your front foot to drag the tail across the coping before jumping back in.  It sounds complicated but when done right it looks smooth and stylish.  Thanks Ben for the trick tips and Duane Peters for inventing the Sweeper!