Skateboard Video Vault: Rock and Roll

The Rock and Roll

The Rock and Roll is a decent beginner trick that involves rocking your front wheels over the coping and rolling back down the transition 180 degrees. This trick is most often done on transition.  A classic trick that when executed properly looks super stylish.  It is a really basic trick but having the proper technique is something that takes years to master. A stylish version can be a real head turner.  Take a look at the old-school skaters if you want to learn how to do it properly and with the best style. You want to deck your wheels out all the way onto the back truck before starting your turn back into the ramp. This is the best way to do this trick. If you barely have your front wheels over the coping you might as well just do a kick turn. The Rock and Roll is best known for showcasing how stylish your skating can be. Pat Ngoho has a beautiful Rock and Roll if you want to check out a great one. Keep Rocking and Rolling!

Rock and Roll