Ryan Sheckler: Life After Reality TV

Ryan Sheckler is arguably one of the most recognizable professional skateboarders today. Due to his stint in the MTV reality show Life of Ryan, he became a poster boy for skateboarding in the mainstream media.

Moreover, due to Ryan’s fame, he has also subjected himself too much scrutiny. However, Ryan takes these comments with a grain of salt. After all, Ryan Sheckler appears to have it all and he is hellbent on achieving more.

Ryan Sheckler: Life of Ryan in the Present

Despite the fame that an MTV show may bring, Ryan remained steadfast in making skateboarding as his priority. The show ended in 2009 after the third season as Ryan felt that the show was taking him away from skateboarding.

Sheckler went on to film Sheckler Sessions to showcase his skateboarding skill in a less mainstream form of media. After two seasons, Sheckler Sessions has also closed its curtain. However, Ryan went on to film True with Plan B, which allowed him to showcase more of his skateboarding tricks and skills. The El Toro Backside Flip may seem to be like a curse that Ryan can’t shake off. However, he is determined to do the trick for himself and to provide entertainment as well.

At present, Ryan is sponsored by different companies such as  VolcomRed BullEtnies, Plan B, Lume Cube, Oakley, Inc., Nixon, GoProIndependent Trucks, Grizzly Griptape, CCS, Andale, Diamond Supply Co., and Ethika. He is also one of the playable characters in several of the skateboarding video games created by Tony Hawk.

Nowadays, Ryan is also busy with the Sheckler Foundation which aims to give assistance to children. Apart from that, the Foundation also aims to help injured and recovering athletes as Ryan has been plagued with several types of injury.

Indeed, the Life of Ryan is only getting better!