Antwuan Dixon: Free to Skateboard

Antwuan Dixon has got a bad reputation. He has spent a lot of time behind bars, which has caused some sponsors to pull out of their contracts with him. However, there is no denying that he is a fearless skater with unquestionable talent.

Now that Antwuan is free to skate again, he promises to turn all the negatives into positives. He is set to begin working on new projects and new deals this year.

Antwuan Dixon: Serving his Time

Antwuan Dixon began his skateboarding career using a stolen skateboard. His older brother had stolen a skateboard from a kid and Antwuan used this skateboard to practice his moves. Now that he is 28, felony is still a word that is closely associated with Antwuan’s name. Antwuan spent some time behind bars after being caught with marijuana in 2008. In 2013, he was taken back into custody for battery, vandalism, and child endangerment due to a racist fueled altercation that happened outside a 7/11 store. Last year, Antwuan was sent to jail again on felony charges.

As a professional skateboarder, Antwuan has appeared in skateboarding videos like “Baker Has a Deathwish.” While some of his other sponsors have pulled out, Antwuan is still sponsored by DOG Skateboards, Dummy Wheels, Shake Junt, and Transitions Skateshop.

Antwuan Dixon is turning things around this 2017 as he is signing new deals and documenting his journey. He is set to release a video that showcases some of his skateboarding tricks. Antwuan is set to bare himself in this video as it also aims to show his everyday life.

Here’s to hoping that Antwuan can turn his life around and become more visible in the skateboarding rink once again. Moreover, we are also hoping that he won’t spend more time behind bars anymore.