Paul Rodriguez: Legend of the Street

Paul Rodriguez, or P-Rod as he is commonly called, is one of the most devoted skateboarders out there. He started skateboarding at the age of 12 and he worked his way to the top.

P-Rod has gone a long way from winning the 2002 “Rookie of the Year” award from the TransWorld Skateboarding Publication to being declared as one of “The 30 Most Influential Skaters of All Time” by the same company in 2011.

P-Rod: Taking Ownership of Himself

As the son of the comedian Paul Rodriguez, Sr., P-Rod also delved into the performing arts. He went on to star in two films about skateboarding, Vicious Circle and Street Dreams. The former even won the Best Film at the New York International Latino Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Orlando Hispanic Film Festival in 2008.

P-Rod became part of a skating team called One Eighteen when he was 14. After riding for One Eighteen, he ended up riding for City Stars when he was 16. During his time with City Stars, he was considered as the Golden Boy of the team.

Eventually, P-Rod became a professional skateboarder in 2002. At that point, he was riding for Girl Skateboards. His fourth skateboarding team is Plan B, which was relaunched in 2005 by Danny Way and Colin McKay. In his words, Paul left Plan B in 2013 to “take some ownership of myself.”

Currently, P-Rod owns his own skateboard brand called Primitive. He is sponsored by Markisa and Andale, where P-Rod is also a part-owner. In addition to this, he is also sponsored by TargetNixon WatchesIncase Designs, Glassy Sunhaters, and Venture. Moreover, Paul Rodriguez has enjoyed a long relationship with Nike Skateboarding and he is one of the four athletes to design 8 signature shoe model for the brand.

Due to his dedication and commitment to skateboarding, Paul Rodriguez has stayed on top of his game.