Girl Skateboards Decks Provide Pop That’s Great for Flips

Girl Skateboards makes decks that are not super fancy, just good American-made 7-ply skateboard decks that you can ride on. Girl falls under the umbrella of skateboarding distribution company Crailtap, which is based in Torrance, California. Girl Skateboards was the inaugural brand of the company.

In addition to Girl, Crailtap houses Chocolate Skateboards, Roay Skateboard Tru8cis, Ruby Republic and Fourstar Clothing.

Girl skateboard decks are known for a mellower concave than you’ll see on most brands along with noticeable differences in nose and tail. The stiffness of their boards, which is a bit more noticeable than those of most other brands, does nothing to sacrifice pop. You may find Girl decks are some of the springiest around. These feather-light boards are great for flips, especially if you pair them with lighter skateboard wheels.

Girl was founded in 1993 when team riders from the World Industries distribution company decided to found their own brand. Mike Carroll and Rick Howard were the two most notable figures. Girl is known for a good team that also includes riders like Mike Mo Capaldi and Brandon Biebel. Former members were Eric Koston and Colin McKay. Most recent to join was Andrew Brophy.

Girl Skateboards Focuses on 7-ply Decks

Howard had this to say about the longevity of Girl on the company’s 20th anniversary in an interview with Route One magazine: “We’ve grown up together doing this, so, yeah, we’re just lucky to work with our friends, you know? … This is up for everyone to have fun with.”

With the debut of their skate film Pretty Sweet, the brand’s popularity surged.

The company is active in promoting its (RED) initiative to help prevent the transmission of HIV from pregnant mothers to their babies. Each purchase of a GIRL(RED) deck provides more than 23 days of medication to help increase the number of children born HIV-free.

Girl recently announced long-time collaborators Lori D and team member Rick McCrank have reunited to design a new deck for Girl Skateboards in support of (RED).

In the product line, Girl Skateboards announced a new deck project featuring imagery from some of Spike Jonze’s favorite musicians. These are early photographs of the Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Bjork and Karen O.