Erick Winkowski wins Mano A Mano Skateboarding Games 2017

What is “Mano A Mano” Skateboarding Games?

“Mano A Mano” is a Mini Ramp Game of S.K.A.T.E tournament bringing the top 16 transition skateboarders to compete head-to-head in a single-elimination format. Skaters compete in 15 games within four rounds of elimination from April 12 until-May 6- when the “Mano a Mano” Champion is crowned!

Who are the Skaters in the Skateboarding Games?

  1. Daniel Vargas
  2. Erick Winkowski
  3. Greyson Fletcher
  4. Josh Borden
  5. Cody Lockwood
  6. Tristan Rennie
  7. Dave Bachinsky
  8. CJ Collins
  9. Zion Wright
  10. Brad Mcclain
  11. Jamie Foy
  12. Hanna Zanzi
  13. Kevin Kowalski
  14. Patrick Ryan
  15. Alex Sorgente
  16. Sebo Walker

The Final Match

After four intense rounds of battle, two remained. Skateboarding Games is the type of contest where any of the 16 skaters could have made it to the final two. With the elimination style of play it really came down to strategy, unique skateboard tricks, versatility, and lots of luck. Sebo Walker’s biggest advantage is that he has crazy difficult tech tricks on lock. He made his way through the rounds with a bucketload of skill and a tad bit of luck. Erick Winkowski is known for his ability to do an insane amount of invert skateboard tricks. Erick’s skateboard tricks are the polar opposite of any other competitor in this event, which made him a real threat. Originally he was the rookie but ended up on top due to the diversity of his skating.

The final match was the most intense of them all. It came down to “tech guy vs. time capsule.” For the first few passes Erick maintained the lead with his highly unusual ramp skateboarding. Sebo proceeded to make an unthinkable comeback gaining two letter on Erick in the last moments of the game. Ultimately, Erick took him down with another insane invert “the Ho Ho.” There was no way on Earth that Sebo had a chance at Erick’s last trick and that sealed his fate. Erick’s strategy prevailed leading him to victory. Congrats Erick Winkowski! Click here to watch the Final.

If you haven’t seen the Mano A Mano series it can be found on the Woodward YouTube Channel. There are four intense rounds of actions that are sure to keep you entertained and hungry for more!