Danny Way: Skateboarding Daredevil

To say that Danny Way is a daredevil is an understatement. His skateboarding tricks are in a class of their own. It makes one think fear is not even part of Danny’s vocabulary.

As Danny was growing up, he did not have any permanent adult figure in his life. His father committed suicide before he turned 1 year old. Danny’s mother had issues with drug abuse and his stepfather died during a surfing accident.

The lack of an adult figure in his life might have contributed to his brave and bold skateboarding style. Due to his audacity, he has been named “Skater of the Year” by Thrasher Magazine in 1991 and 2004.

Danny Way, along with Colin McKay, is the man behind the esteemed Plan B Company that is associated with almost every big name in the skateboarding industry.

Danny Way: On the Great Wall and Setting Records

Danny’s risk taker attitude paid off as he was able to set several Guinness World Records. He set the record in 1997 for the “Biggest Air” category by performing a 12 feet kickflip. Danny broke his own record twice by skateboarding over the ramp by 18.25 and 23.5 feet in 2002 and 2003, respectively. Danny has also set the world record for the “Long Distance Jump” category thrice. His most recent World Record for the category was recorded during the 2004 X Games with a distance of 79 feet. He also set the World Record for “Land Speed on a Skateboard” in 2009. 

Danny Way is also the first skateboarder to perform an Ollie in the Great Wall of China. [is there a video of this we can link to?] The Great Wall of China jump is even more impressive because Danny did the Ollie while he had a broken foot.

Apart from the Great Wall of China, Danny also performed several unprecedented drops that allowed him to gain new heights in terms of his career and popularity. In 1997, he was the first skateboarder to drop into a ramp from a helicopter. Danny also became the first skateboarder to skateboard from the top of the 82 feet guitar sign at the Hard Rock Café & Casino in Las Vegas.

At 43 years old, Danny Way might be slowing down on the hardcore tricks, but there is no way anyone will ever compare to this legendary daredevil.