Some of the Best Pros Design for Plan B Skateboards

Plan B Skateboards company has put together an amazingly wide range of boards and assortment of graphics with the assist of an all-star skate team that numbers some of the best pros in the world. The stellar cast includes legendary skaters Danny Way and Colin McKay, who started up the brand again in 2005 after a lapse following the 1994 death of founder Mike Ternasky.

The team has produced several skateboard video clips and films like Plan B True to give riders a good idea of the styles their favorite pros like. Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill and Chris Cole have made good use of Plan B’s perfect test ground to make their pro boards available.

Most Plan B decks come in around the currently popular skateboard size of 8 to 8.25 inches.

The Plan B Skateboards deck range starts with the very narrow 7.3 and slightly shorted Team Tripper mini, which is a great beginner board for kids who need something just a little smaller than a full-size board.

Full-size Plan B decks begin with a street board that’s good for flip tricks, the 7.6 Felipe Flashback. The full-size range then goes up as wide as the 8.75 Team OG Deck. That’s the deck you want if you need a really stable ride for carving around the local skateboard park.

Look for Strength and Pop in Plan B Skateboards Decks

Many Plan B skateboard decks use a 6-ply construction for strength and pop to give your skateboard tricks maximum height. The skateboard company also has some new board construction technologies to help the board slide better.

Their new BLK ICE coating for the bottom of the board assists skaters in handling uneven curbs and rails. The innovative BLK ICE coating strengthens the board and maintains its pop longer. The result is that the board feels new for a long time and the skater who doesn’t have to replace the board so often saves money.  

The Prospec skateboard deck technology from Plan B Skateboards is designed to make boards that are thinner and stronger for tons of pop. The boards are really light if these innovative decks are combined with lighter trucks and skateboard wheels.

The huge variety of graphics on Plan B skateboard decks ranges from boards with the Plan B logo embedded in designs to boards with individual graphics such as the Anatomy Cole 8. Notable color schemes include the Riot Cole 8.25. Graphics on the BLK ICE boards look really different with shiny protection that lasts longer. The Flashback Series in the Prospec line uses cool retro designs with tie dye patterns in a range of colors.