The Skateboarding Era of Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill has been breaking skateboarding records, but not in a conventional manner. He hasn’t topped the Guinness Book of World Records just yet, but he has managed to be at the top of Skatelab’s all-time accident report statistics when he was just 13. “Torey had 117 accidents – more than anyone else on there and he was only thirteen,” Todd Hubber, the owner of Skatelab, explained.  Even with a broken wrist or a sprained ankle, he never stopped skateboarding

It was around that time when T-Puds built the Grizzly Griptape brand. While most teenage skateboarders would simply focus on honing their skateboarding tricks and skills, Torey found a way to turn his experience in street skateboarding into a profitable business.

Fast forward to the present, Torey is no longer topping any accident report boards. Instead, he is one of the most followed professional street skateboarders on social media with almost a million followers on Instagram. He has also been featured in over 20 skateboarding videos that showcase his techniques and skateboarding tricks.

Torey Pudwill: 100% Skate Rat

Pudwill first became a flowrider for Alien Workshop, then joined Daewon Song as a rider for Almost.  It was during his time with Almost that T-Puds achieved professional skateboarder status. Currently, Torey is a rider for Plan B and he has starred in Plan B: Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang!, as well as Plan B: True.

Grizzly Griptape is also soaring to new heights under his leadership. Despite his busy schedule, T-Puds remains on top of the operation of his company. “These are my companies,” he’s said.  “I want to run my companies.

Despite the fame and fortune, Pudwill is still 100% skate rat. He was even declared Street Skater of the Year in 2011 by TransWorld SKATEboarding Magazine.

Torey Pudwill’s current sponsors include Plan B Skateboards, Grizzly Grip, Diamond Supply and Footwear Co, Bones Bearings, Nixon Watches, Venture Trucks, Ghetto Child Wheels, Happy Hour, Loud, and Red Bull.