Skateboard Video Vault: Axle Stall

The Axle Stall

In this Video Vault we have a “How-to-Skateboarding” on the Axle Stall featuring Tony Hawk and Colin Mckay.  These legendary skaters breakdown the steps to learning this basic trick.  Before learning this trick you must know how to ride back-and-forth and kickturn proficiently.  This isn’t a trick that you want to rush into.  It’s best to be extra comfortable riding and turning before you learn this trick.  The best way to approach the axle stall is to not overthink it.  If you’re comfortable on your board it should be really easy. A lot of times what holds skaters back is that they get in their head about it.  Confidence will lead you to success. Leave your fears behind on this one!

Axle Stall