Skateboard Video Vault: Varial

The Varial Flip

The Varial Flip is a trick that skaters learn on flat ground first before taking it to bigger and better obstacles.  The trick itself is basically a pop shuv-it and a kick flip mashed into one.  A big point to focus on when learning this trick is to focus on the flick of the front foot.  The pop shuv-it part is easy.  The hardest part is the flip and landing back on the board.  A good way to practice landing is to land on the board with both feet every try even if the board is upside down. It just gets you in the habit of landing on the board with both feet. What happens a lot of times is skaters get into bad habits of landing with one foot.  Then they are having to struggle with getting the other foot back on. So landing with both feet everytime breaks that habit. Good luck with this one!