Leticia Bufoni: Make Skateboarding Sexy

Skateboarding is a sport that has been commonly associated with teenage boys in ragged clothes. However, one female skateboarder is defying the norm. Leticia Bufoni has made skateboarding look sexy.

Leticia Bufoni: Girl Power

Recently, Leticia [was the first skateboarder to ever] pose naked for ESPN. She did this in order to portray the positive effects of skateboarding on the body. She also has her own television series in Brazil entitled “Leticia Let’s Go.” In addition to this, Leticia has also been recently added as one of the playable characters in the latest Tony Hawk video game.

This is why Leticia has been dubbed as the face of female skateboarding. The younger generation of female skateboarders certainly looks up to her as their inspiration.

However, Leticia isn’t just a pretty chick because she can compete with the big boys. She competed against skateboarding big wigs in the recently concluded Red Bull Hart Lines. She was the only female skateboarder to join the competition.

A Rocky Beginning

Things did not start well for Leticia. Her initial foray into skateboarding earned the ire of her dad who broke her board in half. However, Leticia just built another board and continued skating. She eventually convinced her dad to support her choice and her dad ended up being her number one fan. Leticia left Brazil and moved to California to pursue her dream of becoming a professional skateboarder.

Based on the ranking of World Cup Skate, Leticia holds the title of being the top female skateboarder. On top of that, she is the only female athlete to win three gold medals in the X Games.

Leticia is currently sponsored by Nike SB, GoPro, Crail Trucks, Bones Wheels, Boarders for Breast Cancer, and Grizzly Griptape. She has also released a limited-edition Bufoni Shoes for Osiris Shoes. She is yet to become part of the Plan B skateboarding team, but she is shooting some materials with them.

You go, girl!