Dylan Rieder: The Legacy He Left Behind

Dylan Rieder began to skateboard in the streets of Westminister, California when he was just nine years old. This is why it comes as no surprise that he had already turned pro for Alien Workshop during his late teens, right after being featured in Transworld Skateboarding’s “A Time to Shine” video.

Just as he started his skateboarding career early his life also ended early. Dylan passed away on October 12, 2016, at the age of 28 due to complications brought about by Leukemia. However, Dylan would not be remembered by how he died, but he would be immortalized by the life that he had lived.

Dylan Rieder: For the Love of Skateboarding and More

For his part in “A Time to Shine,” Dylan effortlessly described his love and passion for the sport. “Skating is a job. You have to work at it, but in reality, what would you rather do? You get to ride your skateboard every day. That’s what you get to do.”

During his lifetime, Dylan was known for his effortless tricks and impeccable style both on and off the skateboarding ramp. With his handsome looks and commanding presence, Dylan Rieder also became a staple in several fashion magazines such as Vogue. He did not just amaze people with his skateboarding tricks. Dylan made skateboarding fashionable.

On the other hand, Dylan wasn’t just all looks. He was also a talented skateboarder who served as an inspiration to several aspiring young skateboarders. Before Dylan Rieder turned pro, he won Skateboard Mag’s Am of the Year award in 2006. During the latter part of his life, he also won Transworld Skateboarding’s Best Part for his role in the 2014 video “Cherry.”

We can’t help but miss watching Dylan’s tricks like the Ollie tailgrab or his impressive kickflips. However, the legacy that Dylan has left behind will be imprinted in our memories forever.

We hope that you are still skateboarding up there, buddy!

See you on the flipside.