Chris Joslin: Skating Like A True Rebel

Chris Joslin had a rough childhood. However, he found the wonders of riding a skateboard during this turbulent time in his life. Chris used his rough situation as an inspiration to excel in skateboarding. Joslin’s hard work paid off and he has carved a niche through skateboarding and been nominated Skater of the Year in 2014.

You might be wondering how this Hawaiian Garden native turned into the skateboarding legend that he is now. Chris actually grew up with his grandmother as his dad was killed by the police when he was seven. His mother was confined to a rehabilitation center due to drug addiction. His brother was the one who introduced him to skateboarding, but his brother ended up behind bars.

Fast forward to the present, Chris enjoys a more stable family life with his wife, Julia; and their daughter, London.

Chris Joslin: Turning Pro

When Chris Joslin joined the Plan B skateboard team, he immediately became part of the film skateboarding film TRUE. This is where Chris showcased some of his tricks like the big spin down and the inward heelflip. Since then, fans have clamored for the team to turn him into a pro. Before turning pro, Chris won The Skateboard Mag’s Am of the year. He is also the sole amateur skater to have a Battle Commander video for The Berrics.

Plan B helped Chris to transition from being an Am to being a Pro skater in no time. Apart from Plan B, some of Chris Joslin’s sponsors include Etnies, RockStarEnergy, Grizzly, Ethika, Ocramps, Bones, Independent, ActiveLB, and Idea562.

Chris Joslin is truly a professional skater in every sense of the word. He has filmed most of his skateboarding clips, including True, while he was suffering from a torn ACL. However, this did not stop Chris from pushing through with his professional skateboarding career. We could not stop watching Chris’ skateboarding videos, too!