Top Brands of Skateboards Pair Quality with Innovation

The top brands of skateboards boast well made, durable decks and sizzling graphics. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been around the skateboard park for decades or they are relative newcomers on the street. These are the brands that you can rely on for high quality and a sweet ride.

Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards has been a top brand a long time, and the company isn’t just cruising on its reputation.  Zero knows how to produce a well-built skateboard deck that is tough and responsive. Extras include a super slick bottom surface that’s perfect for slides. Zero offer frees stickers with some decks, such as the Afterlife and Spellbound decks. Graphics focusing on plenty of blood and skulls have earned Zero a strong, gritty image.


Habitat produces very high quality boards with graphics that are artistic and iconic. Their feel is calm, earthy and stylish. In addition to the usual 7-ply board styles, Habitat offers corrugated bottom ply decks, the Skylite lighter skate deck, and Terralone Earth-tone decks.

Plan B Skateboards

A relatively newer company, Plan B has earned respect among the top brands of skateboards  with good quality skate decks and a seriously all-star skateboarding team. Two team members own the company. Plan B produces well made, high grade, wood 7-ply skate decks that are reliable. The company’s graphics lean toward simplicity.

Count on These Top Brands of Skateboards

Element Skateboards

This environmentally conscious company has been around a long time offering a higher quality brand of skateboards. Element’s simple graphic style focuses on crisp clean imagery and complementary colors. In addition to their lighter, higher tech Fiberlight and Featherlight boards, Element offers the cheaper 7-ply Triftwood decks and a Helium line of skate decks that owe their stiffness and light weight to interior air chambers.


Blind skateboard decks offer a variety of unique skate deck technologies paired with graphics that tend to be very dark, violent, and death-filled. These skateboard decks tend to have a lot of cushion; that’s a big advantage when dropping off high obstacles or ollieing steps. Choose from an 8-ply board or a lighter 7-ply board, Some Blind boards come with a vertically laminated core, while others are made of Texalium with aluminum and epoxy glass interiors.

Alien Workshop

High quality skateboards and multiple, highly innovative designs rank Alien Workshop among the top brands of skateboards. This company’s skateboards come in a range of colors and unique designs, and their prices are reasonable. They make traditional 7-ply skateboards and corrugated technology decks. Prices are lower on their Ultralight and “Nice Price” decks that feature less ink and untreated veneers.


Birdhouse innovated Black 6 technology, a thicker ply in the skateboard deck’s construction that helps with flicks and adds pop. Owner Tony Hawk has made sure that his Birdhouse skateboards are good quality. Birdhouse is part of Blitz, which also distributes Flip, Baker and Hook-Ups.