Tired Skateboards Deliver on The Fun

Tired Skateboards decks are distributed by Big Time Distribution, and Facebook posts hint their three videos are aimed at an audience of “old cats and young burnouts.” One viewer posted this praise: “As a 38-year-old skater who barely gets out anymore, I love literally everything you guys produce.”

Another of their fans thinks Tired is a brand that’s all about older skaters who have had their good skating days, and get tired after a couple hours of skateboarding. He added, “It’s about the fun in skateboarding, and I think I enjoy this video more than some arrogant American skaters throwing their boards and being the best of the world.”

So, if you are looking for a video that shows less crazy, technical unrelatable skating and more of the kind of skating you’re probably doing with your friends, check out Tired’s three productions. While you’re at it, consider the Tired deck. If you like a shaped deck, theirs just might be one for you.

Tired Skateboards Shaped Decks Deliver Pop

Tired’s shaped skateboard decks deliver a lot of pop. These don’t look like normal popsicle decks but have widths that vary from an 8.8 nose and mid-section down to 8.5 at the super long, almost squared-off tail. They’ve got the same concave as regular skateboards, but may be a little bit more mellow.

This board slides well. You may find it is not very forgiving on kick flips, but it’s really good for a no-comply move. And you’ll probably get a nice big scoop on your trade kicks. Locking in nose slides is simple with the Tired Skateboards. Cruising is a lot of fun on these skateboards, but you might want to get larger skateboard wheels if cruising is how you plan to mostly use these skateboards. You may find Tired Skateboards remind you of Welcome Skateboards because of similarity between their shapes, style and how they skate.

Big Time Distribution also distributes Mental Skateboards as well as Tired Skateboards.