Skateboard Video Vault: Roastbeef Grab

The Roastbeef grab is a type of aerial grabbing maneuver.  When airing out, the skater grabs in between the legs on the heel-side of the skateboard with their back hand.  So, if the skater was regular footed they would use the right-hand to grab in between their heels.  This grab originated in the field of snowboarding and has always had a bad reputation in skateboarding.  Ask any legend or knowledgeable rider and they will tell you that the Roastbeef grab has been called the worst trick in all of skateboarding.  That sounds pretty harsh but it really is an undesired trick in the mainstream.  The Stalefish is one of the raddest tricks out there and it is super similar to the Roastbeef.  The only difference is the Roastbeef grab is in between the legs.  This is a funny trick and it has a really constipated look.  The Roastbeef may have a bad rep but at the end of the day it’s all fun and skateboarding.