Skateboard Video Vault: Nose Pick Grind

The Nose Pick Grind

In this Video Vault we visit with Dalton Dern in a How-to-Skateboarding on Ride Channel.  He is teaching how to do a Nose Pick Grind.  This is the one instance where picking your nose is applauded!  Nose Picks can be done frontside and backside.  This trick is primarily done on transition.  First, the skater turns into a grind on the front truck.  Once on the coping, the skater pops back into the ramp and usually grabs on the way in.  Sometimes this trick can be deadly if you miss the coping.  Doing this trick requires extreme accuracy and strong balance.  It is definitely not a beginner trick and will take years to master on all types of ramps. 

nose pick grind