Skateboard Video Vault: Miller Flip

In this Video Vault we have a bit more controversial trick, the Miller Flip.  There is a bit of a dispute over who invented this trick.  We are not going to speculate on who it was exactly but we thank them for inventing this trick!  Here is an excerpt that explains it a bit deeper, “If you were wondering, Miller flips have been credited to skateboarder Chris Miller (although some say that Darell Miller actually did the trick first), and was perfected on vert ramps back in the 80’s. Miller flips are essentially inverted frontside 360s with a front hand hand-drag and if done correctly, are one of the sweetest looking tricks.”  The Miller flip is a sweet aerial maneuver that emerged in the 80’s and are still going strong today.  Chris Miller has the best Miller Flip in the game so be sure to check that out if you want to get stylish with it!