Skateboard Video Vault: Helipop

In this Video Vault, an entertaining child teaches us how to Helipop and also how to eat cake. The Helipop is essentially a Nollie 360.  Most skaters call it a Nollie Full Cab or Nollie Caballerial.  The Helipop got its name from Rodney Mullen, who first invented the trick.  It was done first as a freestyle skateboarding trick.  Most street skaters today can land this trick no problem.  The best way to do this trick is to spin the entire 360 degrees without having to pivot or powerslide.  Doing so requires a lot of pop and leg power so many skaters are not able to do it that way.  Sliding a Helipop can look stylish if the skater does it fast and high enough.  Most of all, the name “Helipop” is super fun to say!