Skateboard Video Vault: Caballerial

The Caballerial, also known as the Full Cab, was invented by the legendary Steve Caballero in the year 1980.  This era of skateboarding was legendary because the pool skating scene blew up and tons of new tricks emerged.  This trick has gone down in history as a classic.  It was a revolutionary trick in its time and is still held in high regard.  The coolest part of this trick is that it can be translated easily from vert and pools to the streets.  In fact, it was originally invented in a pool but is now more commonly done in street skating.  Caballerials on vert are super tricky because the skater has to use momentum to keep their board attached to their feet without grabbing.  It is a hard trick to land consistently on vert because the timing has to be perfect in order to pop the board perfectly so that it will stick to the feet.  In street skating it is a bit easier to do Caballerials because you can cut corners by pivoting instead of spinning the entire 360 degrees.  In either discipline, this trick is a historic masterpiece that will continue to hold its reputation for years to come.  Thanks so much for inventing this rad trick Steve Caballero!