Skateboard Video Vault: Backflip

A Backflip is exactly what it sounds like.  Skateboarders stand sideways on the board so it almost looks like a side flip sometimes.  The hardest part about this trick is staying completely upside down and getting on the fear of falling on your head.  In the air, this trick feels almost like a corked frontside 360 and a lot of the time people do frontside 360s by accident.  Throwing your head straight back and spotting your landing is the best way to stay completely in line going upside down.  Not a whole lot of skaters do this trick in contest because it’s kind of considered a circus trick. But skateboarding is skateboarding and it’s all for the fun.  Robbert Sluggo is known for pioneering the backflip to fakie which is on of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.  I’m sure it’s on the Internet somewhere and you should check it out!