Skateboard Video Vault: Boneless

The Boneless

In this Video Vault we get a very special How-to-Skateboarding tutorial from Ben Raemers!  This video is all about the Boneless.  The Boneless is a type of footplant where the skater rides up the ramp frontside and plants their front foot on the coping.  Once on the coping, they jump off of their front foot and land back onto the board.  These days most Bonelesses are done on ramps but they actually originated in street skateboarding.  This trick can be done anywhere.  Skaters do it on banks, up stairs, down stairs, onto rails, into other tricks, the possibilities are infinite.  The riskiest part of this trick is landing back on the board.  Be careful of your front foot because if you miss it will be a major face plant.  Other than that, it’s a super fun trick!