Skateboard Video Vault: Blunt to Fakie

The Blunt to Fakie

This Video Vault is about the Blunt to Fakie.  This trick is a classic that will never die.  It is highly regarded because it is difficult and requires full commitment.  Learning this trick can be super dangerous because you just have to go for it.  Having a ton of pop helps a lot because it is almost like an Ollie off of the coping.  The most common fall on this trick is clipping the front truck and slamming straight to flat.  That being said, it is super important to make sure to pop far enough and watch the front truck clear the coping.  Even experts fall on the Blunt to Fakie because you really have to have perfect timing with it. Once you get it down you really have to keep practicing it to keep it in your bag of tricks. But it’s totally worth it!

Blunt to Fakie