Skateboard Video Vault: Backside 50 50

Backside 50-50 grind.  “Backside” refers to the way the skater approaches the ramp or obstacle-with their back facing the ramp, rail, or ledge.  “50-50 grind” is the trick itself.  50-50s are a grinding trick, which means the skater is sliding across a rail, ledge, or the coping on their trucks.  In a 50-50 grind the skater uses both trucks to grind and 50% of their weight is distributed over each truck.  On ramps, backside 50-50 grinds are considered much easier than frontside 50-50 grinds.  They are considered to be a setup trick.  On rails and ledges, backside 50-50 grinds are much more difficult because you go into it blind.  It is much harder to see and guide the board onto the rail going backside.  In both street and transition skateboarding the backside 50-50 grind is considered a basic trick that most skilled skaters have mastered.