Skateboard Video Vault: 180 Frontside Ollie

Frontside Ollie.  This trick is typically executed on ramps, big and small.  “Frontside” describes the way you will approach the ramp. “Ollie” is the trick itself and it looks like popping into the air. The reason it is called “frontside” is because the front of your body is facing the ramp.  The opposite counterpart of this trick is the backside ollie, where your backside faces the ramp.  This is a pretty basic transition trick but it is not an easy one to master.  Frontside ollies are said to be much easier than the backside ollie because you can see and spot the landing.  Going backside is also known as going blindside meaning it is harder to see and you have to rely on feel.  Focus on popping, timing, and commitment to get this trick just right!