Skateboard Video Vault: 50-50 Grind

50-50s are a grinding trick, which means the skater is sliding across a rail, ledge, or the coping on their trucks.  In a 50-50 grind the skater uses both trucks to grind and 50% of their weight is distributed over each truck.  This is a pretty basic beginner trick but it is a bit more complex than the rock to fakie or rock and roll.  There are three steps to this trick which makes it a little more complicated than some of the other beginner ramp tricks.  On ramps, the skater must first ride up the ramp, turn 90° onto the coping, and then drop back in.  Timing is usually the most tricky part.  On rails and ledges 50-50 grinds are one of the first tricks that skaters learn.  It is all a matter of popping a high enough ollie and putting both trucks on to grind.  Taking this trick step-by-step is the best way to get this trick down.