Skateboard Video Vault: 5-0 Grind

5-0s are a grinding trick, which means the skater is sliding across a rail, ledge, or the coping on their truck or trucks.  In a 5-0 grind the skater uses the back truck to grind across the coping before dropping back into the ramp or off of a rail or ledge.  This is an intermediate trick because there is no doing this trick halfway.  In a proper 5-0, the skater is standing up on the coping and has their entire weight over the ramp, rail, or ledge.  The weight distribution and balance of this trick is what makes it harder for those learning to 5-0.  On ramps, it is possible to work your way up to standup 5-0 by doing small scrapes on the coping and working up to standing up over it.  In street skating there really is no working up to it.  It is all or nothing so be sure to go for it!