Pop a Higher Ollie with Baker Skateboards

Cruising is easy with Baker Skateboards, which are praised for all-around outstanding quality. If you like a deck with very little concave, the Baker skateboard is for you.

It’s exceptional flip and pop, however, that have earned Baker Skateboards much of their popularity. These light-weight boards are recommended for skaters who are working on learning new tricks. Reviewers say the pop is immense and lasts a very long time, Exceptional pop lets skaters pop a higher, cleaner ollie.

The strength and durability of these skateboard decks is good. One reviewer made the point about durability by saying, “My board just got ran over by a car and it was still in perfect condition. not even a chip.”

Today Baker Skateboards produces skateboard wheels, decks, soft goods and accessories. 

Baker Skateboards was founded in 1999 by Andrew Reynolds, who left Birdhouse Skateboards to start the American company with other professional skateboarders from Stereo and Zero.

Highlights for Baker Skateboards

The brand is distributed by Blitz Distribution, which was started by Tony Hawk and Per Welinder to distribute their own products. When the distribution deal was signed, Blitz Distribution was handling Birdhouse and other brands including Hook-Ups and Fury. Baker Skateboards was the top-selling brand for Blitz as of 2008.

Riley Hawk, son of professional skateboarder and Blitz company owner Tony Hawk, moved to the Baker team in 2012 after riding for his father’s Birdhouse company. Baker gave the younger Hawk professional status as a surprise on his birthday in December 2013 with the senior Hawk making the announcement. The next year Hawk’s signature skateboard deck earned top sales for the company.

A new series, “Baker Zone”, was launched in 2013 on the YouTube skateboarding channel cofounded by Tony Hawk, The Ride Channel. Baker Skateboards video productions such as “Weekend Warriors”, “Piled Out”, “Trash Compactor” and “Dumb Ass Park Footy” have been featured on “Baker Zone.”

For Baker’s Fall 2014 catalog, Reynolds collaborated with Australian musician Nick Cave on producing a skateboard deck and said, “Nick Cave has been one of my favorite artists for years now, and I am super excited to do this board with him.” The skateboard deck design displays an image of Cave in triplicate.

DC shoes unveiled its Spring ’17 capsule collection in a collaboration with Baker Skateboards that pays homage to both brands’ California-bred roots.