5 Expert tips to Make Your Skateboard Deck Last Longer

Skateboard decks are the part of your skateboard that will get ruined the fastest. Most pro skateboarders change their decks around every 2 weeks or every month. If you are not a pro skateboarder or you don’t get free skateboard decks there is no need to change your decks that frequently. Skateboard decks are usually the most expensive part of a skateboard so most people want to make them last as long as possible without affecting the quality of your skateboard tricks.

Here are some tips to take care of your skateboard decks and make them last longer:

  1. Keep it DRY!
    Nothing will ruin a skateboard faster than getting it wet. Even a little bit of water can
    seep into the wood and make it soggy. If your board does get wet be sure to dry it off
    as soon as possible and maybe consider using a hair dryer if it is really soaked.
    Carrying a garbage bag on you is the best way to keep your board dry in the rain
    –think of it as having a raincoat for your beloved skateboard.
  2. Do not throw your board
    We have all seen that kid at the skatepark that throws a tantrum and throws their
    board over and over. That is not the skater you want to be.
  3. Try not to leave it in the car
    Leaving your board in the car may not destroy it quickly, but it does take a toll on your
    Deck. Cars get really hot and that can hurt the wood on your skate deck. It is best to
    not leave it in the car. Besides that, skateboards get stolen from cars way too often!
    Your board is way safer sleeping next to you in the house.
  4. Do not skid on the tail
    Stopping or skidding on the tail will quickly destroy the tail. Do this enough and your
    tail will be as sharp as a razor blade. This is a skaters worst nightmare and can be
    extremely painful. Avoid skidding on your tail at all costs!
  5. If it breaks, try to fix it!
    Over time your board will start to chip or develop some sharp edges. Don’t be afraid
    to use a file or sandpaper to smooth out any damage. Also, superglue is your friend!
    You would be surprised at how long you can make your board last, which will save you
    some cash for your next skate trip!