Skateboard Video Vault: Tic-Tac

Tic Tacs are essentially tiny kickturns back and forth.  Before learning kickturns most skaters learn to Tic-Tac.  It is the easiest skill after learning how to stand on the board and push.  When done successfully Tic-Tacs will teach you how to change directions well enough to turn 180 degrees.  Also, a Tic-Tac can be used to gain speed while riding.  Most beginners take days to weeks to fully understand this trick.  The best way to master a Tic-Tac is to spend hours practicing it on flat ground.  This will help learn the trick and also improve balance, board control, technique, and help the skater understand the physics of turning through trial and error.  Overall, this trick is definitely a fundamental skill that cannot be skipped.