Skateboard Video Vault: Texas Plant

The Texas Plant

In this Video Vault, Danny Tumia teaches us how to do the Texas Plant and he does it with great style. Texas Plant is a footplant that involves planting the back foot on the coping, grabbing the board, and jumping back in the ramp.  Very few skaters do this trick decently because it is really difficult to make this trick look stylish.  Those who master this trick are able to wow the crowds.  But in reality most skaters do not do this trick justice.  It can look terrible and it does a lot of the time.  Going fast and jumping high are the best ways to make this trick look good.  Doing those things are also super risky and require a ton of commitment.  A lot can go wrong when taking the foot off and putting it back on midair.  Buckle your seatbelts and do it for Texas!