Skateboard Video Vault: Powerslide

The Powerslide

The powerslide is like Tokyo drifting on a skateboard. The skater must throw his body either frontside or backside and lock up all four wheels into this slide.  This maneuver is not only a trick but also a useful technical tool.  It is done quite frequently in long boarding and downhill riding to control speed and brake.  The most important part of this slide is how stylish the skater makes it.  A stylish power slide is impressive and commendable but do an ugly one and it will not be easily forgotten.  When bombing a hill, this trick can be a skaters best friend or worst nightmare.  Road rash is not uncommon when attempting at speeds of over 45 mph.  One mistake and it will be a mouth full of gravel and a bloody ride to the hospital.  Powerslides can be done at any speed and can last from as little as.5 seconds to as long as eight seconds.  Keep Sliding!