Skateboard Video Vault: Power Ollie

The Power Ollie

This enthusiastic kid teaches the proper way to Power Ollie in less than one minute!  This quick tutorial is a comical breakdown of the steps needed to learn the this trick.  This is a beginner trick that can be practiced anywhere with a curb.  They teach skaters how to pop out of ledge tricks- it is a truly fundamental step.  Before learning this trick skaters must know how to drop off a curb and Ollie on flat ground.  Essentially, putting those two tricks together is what creates the Power Ollie.  Doing this trick is all a matter of practice and it really teaches boards control.  This fancy tail drop will be sure to impress the local beginners at the skate park because it looks way cooler then a regular tail drop.  Step up your tail drop game and learn this trick already!

Power ollie