Skateboard Video Vault: Double Grab Sac Tap

The Double Grab

Double Grab is where the skater grabs their board with both hands while in the air.  Normally when people think of the double grab they think of the skater grabbing both sides of the board.  Really though, the skater can grab the board any way they want as long as they do it with both hands. Sometimes they might do a double nose grab or a double tailgrab or a cannonball. There really is no limit to this trick and there are tons of variations to try out!

The Sac Tap

I the trick known as the Sac Tap the skateboard is brought up between the legs while in the air. This video provides a perfect example. The skater launches himself, grabs his nose with both hands, and flips the board between his legs for a nice little love tap. Hence forth the name, Double Grab Sac Tap. Slightly sexist in name, or is it sexy? Either way you don’t need a sac to pull this one off so have at Ladies.

Double Grab