Penny Skateboards Launches Glow in the Dark Model

Penny Skateboards Launches Glow in the Dark Skateboard in Collaboration with Rastaclat.  This board is NEXT LEVEL.

Penny Skateboards is Leading the Game

Penny Skateboards has dominated the cruiser skateboard market for years.  Their brand was created with an air of authenticity that other brands have failed to imitate. With no sign of slowing down, Penny continues to progress forward rather than resting on their laurels.  

What is Rastaclat?

Rastaclat is a trending new company that has taken the social media world by storm. With upwards of 175k followers on Instagram alone, they are the perfect brand for collaborations.  Rastaclat sells stylish shoelace bracelets that really appeal to the skateboarding and surfing culture. Their mission statement is, “Rastaclat a symbol of righteousness. We believe that positive action inspires confidence and unites us as humans.”  

Launching the Collaboration Model… Not just your ordinary skateboard decks

Many know that Penny Skateboards sells complete skateboards, meaning that the skateboard decks and skateboard wheels are sold together as a whole. This model is no different and it is absolutely stunning! Penny Skateboards already has a slew of glow in the dark skateboards to choose from but this one is quite different from the rest. The skateboard decks on these Penny X Rastaclat boards are super unique compared to the original glowing Penny boards making it a “must have” for the summer season.

The main idea behind this particular model is the collaborative partnership between Penny Skateboards and Rastaclat.  Their brands resonate and push each other forward through the power of social media and cross promotion.  It is the ultimate example of sharing the stoke between the two companies to introduce each of their separate fan bases to the other’s powerful brand.  

Here is the formal statement from Penny Skateboards: “Penny Skateboards have teamed up with accessories brand Rastaclat, to design two unique bracelets, available exclusively on the Official Penny website. California based Rastaclat and Australia based Penny Skateboards may be oceans apart, but with both brands finding their roots in skate, art, music and street culture, the collaboration was an easy match.”

We are looking forward to see what else these two brands have in store in the future.  To view or purchase the Penny X Rastaclat cruiser click here