Erik Bragg: TRUE to His Word

The skateboarding videos you watch may amaze you now, but the excitement of the behind-the-scene action will surprise you. Director Erik Bragg is all too familiar with that as he oversees the filming of most of Plan B’s skateboarding videos. He is one of the creative geniuses behind Krooked 3D, True, and other short videos.

As a man who considers skateboarding his first love, he has been able to help other skateboarders progress in their careers. Erik knows his videos serve as an avenue for these skateboarders to be recognized for their skills and talents.

Erik Bragg: Skateboarding Reality

When you watch Erik’s videos, you cannot help but gasp in admiration of the tricks that are successfully executed. However, you will also gasp unexpectedly through every fall and failure.

Erik is able to show the good, the bad, and the ugly of skateboarding, and still make us beg for more. In every video, Erik Bragg wants to showcase what skateboarders go through. He wants to highlight the risks the skateboarders take in order to provide entertainment.

Apart from his love for skateboarding, and for the guys at Plan B, traveling has become one of his motivations for shooting his films. He has traveled to almost every continent over the course of three years to film True. That may seem like a long time to make a film, but Erik wants to deliver a film that is nothing short of perfection.

Despite the delays in filming caused by injuries and scheduling conflict, Plan B’s True has truly been a crowd pleaser. Those who have seen the film can truly say that it was definitely worth the wait.